The Idea Behind


Research Insights is specialized to cater to all the market research needs of tech giants and Fortune 1000 companies. We are B2B specialists who take pride in passionately contributing to the B2B sector.

At Research Insights, we have a profound understanding of the unique context of every business industry. We are strategically connected with industry leaders and experts who drive growth and revolution in technology across a myriad of businesses.

Research Insights helps provide valuable data through expertly executed surveys by tech experts and business leaders.


At Research Insights, our experts are highly specialized in the fields of Fintech, HealthTech, EdTech and GovTech.
We help cover B2B projects for tech giants and mid-market enterprises.

Our areas of expertise include AI, AR/VR, Saas, PaaS, IaaS, Cybersecurity, Blockchain, Cloud, Big Data, and software and hardware.

B2B Buyer Persona Research

Research Insights helps develop precise B2B Buyer Persona which are the basis for insightful go-to-market strategies. Our Research experts provide direct access to B2B insights.

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Key Purchasing Criteria Research

We help businesses understand B2B buyers behavior. Do you wonder what your buyers need to buy and how they do it? Our Key purchasing buying criteria research helps map the aspects and complexities involved in B2B purchasing.

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Journey Mapping Research

Our Journey Mapping Research helps you understand the complex arena of B2B! With our extensive research reports you can get a grasp of the extensive journey that a B2B buyer takes.

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